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With a profound love of the outdoors and an avid fan of graffiti and street art, Ten Forty Three (1043) employs abstract expressionism & graffuturism techniques to tap into his subconscious and envision a new societal structure.

Currently focused on the confluence of the man-made & natural worlds, his chosen techniques help to portray the push & pull of these opposing forces. With activism, sustainability, and perseverance on his mind, 1043 utilizes a variety of mediums to express the complications & obstacles that we face as humans and reasonable solutions to our conundrum.

The name Ten Forty Three embodies this understanding of the benefits that arise when freeing the subconscious.

"My artist alias '1043' represents the specific time on the clock that I have seen repeatedly stand out since I was a child.  I have fondly thought of this as my subconscious showing itself. I have since taken it as a moniker as it serves as a reminder for me to stay connected to my subconscious mind and follow my intuition in my art practice."

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